Hab Starter Kit - Corkcicle Sport Bottle + 4 bottles(120) servings

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Hab is your bottles new best friend!

Say hello to refreshing fruit-flavored water, say goodbye to plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Drop two bits(tablets) in your 20oz. bottle filled with water, let it fizz and enjoy your Hab water as you go about your day. Because we care about our bodies and planet, our ingredients are never artificial and packaging is made of glass, aluminum and always low-waste. 

Included in your kit:

  • Corkcicle 20oz matte black sport bottle 
  • 4 bottles of Hab with 30 servings each. 2 bottles of Lemon Lime and 2 bottle of Clementine
  • H2O calculator card to help you know how much water you should drink daily!

Cheers to a better H2O!