About Us

About Us

Hab started with a simple mission:  To make water taste better, sustainably.  We loved fruit-flavored water but didn't love single-use waste. We needed to find a way to give people great tasting, fruit-flavored water without the bottle or can. This mission helped create Hab’s naturally flavored bits. A bit is a dose as-you-like tablet that pairs perfectly with your reusable bottle or canteen.  All you have to do is add water from a local source, drop in a couple bits and you now have refreshing, great tasting water with no waste!

Last year alone, over 30 billion cans ended up in a landfill and 5 million metric tons of plastic ended up in our ocean. We must do better!  One glass jar of Hab replaces 20 bottles or cans and weighs 98% less, drastically reducing our carbon footprint.

In addition to our amazing flavors and our commitment to sustainability, all our ingredients are of utmost quality and trusted, and never anything artificial.  We know you will come to love Hab as much as we do!


Shane McCassy - Founder of Hab

How do I use Hab?

Place 2 bits per 12oz of water in your favorite reusable bottle.  In my 24oz bottle I use 4 or 5 bits if I feel like a little extra flavor!

What does Hab taste like?

Hab gives your water a light, refreshing fruit flavor with a hint of sweet.  It's like having your own fruit infused spa water!

Does Hab contain artificial flavors or sweeteners?

No. Hab contains no artificial ingredients!

Is Hab Gluten Free?

Yes. No ingredients in Hab contain gluten.

Is Hab Non GMO?

Yes. Hab’s ingredients are free of GMO’s.

What are natural flavors?

Natural flavors are a mix of essential oils, essences and spices derived from nature that make your water taste amazing!

Is Hab Sugar Free?

No. Each serving contains less than .5grams of sugar.

Do you accept returns?

No. We do not accept returns but we guarantee your satisfaction!

Do your natural flavors contain propylene glycols?


Do you test Hab for safety?

Yes!  Every batch of Hab is tested for micros and heavy metals.

Is the Hab packaging recyclable?

Yes.  Both the aluminum lid and glass bottle are 100% recyclable.

Are your labels sustainable?

Yes. Our label is made from 100% recycled material and uses non-toxic soy based inks.

What do you ship Hab in?

We ship Hab in a plastic free padded mailer that is made of 100% recycled paper material.

Where is Hab made?

Hab is manufactured and shipped from California!